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The Fifi Awards run by The Fragrance Foundation France were held on Thursday night, the 8th of June in Paris. It’s the  major perfume award ceremony in France and there are a range of prizes to be won. There is the Fifi d’Or (judged by a jury of artists, the Prix d’Experts (judged by journalists, evaluators and bloggers), as well as a variety of awards in the Prix de Professionals (a jury of professionals), the Prix des 25 ans and the Prix du Public. 

Here are the prize winners :

Le Prix des Experts 

Best fragrance of an independent niche brand : Mentha Religiosa : Dear Rose : Perfumer : Fabrice Pellegrin from Firmenich

Best fragrance of a niche brand affiliated to a group : Black Pepper by Comme des Garçons : Perfumer : Antoine Maisondieu from Givaudan

Best fragrance from a collection of a large brand (exclusive range) :

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