{October 20, 2016}   The 7% Solution by En Voyage Perfumes and Sherlock Holmes Inspired Draw

The Scented Hound

15ml-bottles_1024x1024WHAT I SMELL:  The 7% Solution opens with a buttery, warm and intoxicating osmanthus and the deepest almost wild mandarin that’s feels like it’s been boiled and concentrated.  The creaminess in the perfume feels like a lullaby with peppered florals that are being rocked to sleep under a warmed flicker of a candle.  The perfume stays in this dreamlike state with none of the flowers taking dominance besides a soft and pretty tiare.  You can picture the damp, cool rain from the gray skies outside your window…but The 7% Solution is like a woolen blanket of comfort keeping you warm and secure.  As the perfume slowly develops, the creaminess once again turns more towards the buttery as if remnants of hot buttered rum (without the booziness) were lingering in a mug next to the fire.  In the end, the perfume resides in this warmed creamy and lightly spice dreamlike dimension…

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