{August 21, 2016}   Day 6

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Hey guys so today was a great one. I woke up had coffee and an egg with cheese and of course a spoon full of almond butter. I had a lot of water throughout the day and lunchtime I had seaweed salad and spicy tuna roll. I needed another iced coffee throughout the day for a quick pick me up. I had a protein shake for dinner and almond butter. I wasn’t hungry but that might change in a few. I’ll let you guys know tomorrow if anything changes. Today is going to be really short and sweet. I’m headed to go with the UFC fight and I’ll probably end up eating something there.

Love you guys ; *

Jess n T

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{August 19, 2016}   Day 5…almost there

I can smell the finish line…

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So five days ago I accepted a challenge to go a week eating healthy, no dairy, no sugar, no red meat, etc….today is day five and I am happy to say I have not cheated once….

Although day three was a challenge for me, I was craving salt and my loving family cooked my favorite meal! Argh!  Some days they make it a little harder to like them, (laughter inserted there) I always love them though. (More laughter) I was so proud of myself and stuck it out to day five, can someone give me a high five! Woohoo…..OK I’ll give myself a high five. I think I will keep this going, if I can do the first seven, I am sure I can do a second seven days…and doing this with Jess and T has made it easier because I have some sisters to share the journey with.

So if you’re feeling a little froggy, take the leap and let s see how far we can go…..

{August 19, 2016}   Day 5…almost there

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Who’s still with me?!? I hope you guys are going strong. I am but last night I was craving something sweet but I didn’t do it to myself. I ate fruit instead. I found this chart which helped explain the benefits of fruit. I started off my day with a banana yogurt and almond butter. I also had an iced coffee. I then worked out and had a protein shake. Then for lunch I had egg salad wrapped in lettuce with water. I’ve been drinking water like crazy! Tonight for dinner I’m going to have sushi. I’m going out with my family so it’s going to be another tough night watching them drink but I know I can do it. I’ll let you guys know how tomorrow goes.

Our Milani haul video is up. Theresa bought so many beautiful lipsticks and most of them nudes! My favorite! Don’t forget to…

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{August 18, 2016}   Consistency…Day 3

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How’s everyone doing with this challenge? Last night was a little tough for me. I had a bad day and wanted a glass of wine and dessert. But I didn’t do it. As quickly as the thought came into my head…I discarded it. I was even surprised that I wanted that. It’s because I put the thought in my head. I didn’t need it at all, I just wanted it. Aside from that I’ve been doing really good. We also did another clothing haul giveaway video so make sure to check that out and enter if you haven’t done so yet.

On Monday for breakfast I had a banana and kefir. I worked out for an hour. For lunch I had grilled vegetables with burnt Brussel sprouts and this Mediteranian salad with salmon and chicken. For dinner I made organic buckwheat pancakes with coconut oil and honey and scrambled eggs…

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