{July 2, 2016}   Cucumber Mint Face Mask

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I’m all for DIY projects especially when it comes to skincare. This mask is great and perfect for people like me who have oily skin. It’s also AMAZING for acne prone skin. Cucumber’s have so many great health and beauty benefits it’s insane.


“It’s high in silica which is a mineral that keeps our connective tissue together and keeps them strong. Silica helps keep skin looking younger by stopping the aging process and repairing weak skin by retaining more water in the skin. Normally skin ages more rapidly when water can’t be held well because the connective tissues become too weak. Silica strengthens skin tissues. Cucumbers also help with skin that is damaged by the sun or that is acne-prone. This vegetable hydrates your skin properly without making you more oily.

Mint extract or leaves are beneficial for fighting blackheads on the skin. It can also fight acne and…

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