{May 17, 2016}   The Space I Take

Don’t ever allow anyone silence you voice or your unique style of expressing your thoughts and ideas. There will always be trolling monsters out there, those bottom feeding pond scumbags who are so miserable within their own lives. The only thing that they have to do is try to find and destroy other people who are living their dreams.
We are your cheerleaders, we love your work, we love your style, your class and sass! I am looking forward to reading your posts, your books, and your blog’s……so Sister T! Get out there are slay the world girl!

The Alembicated Genie

baldwinquote– on the Genie’s overlong absence, perfume writing, and real life roadblocks

Ladies, gentlemen and fragrant entities –

It’s been far too long. I have in the past six months removed myself from social media to a greater or lesser extent due to work issues (my first major freelance assignment, now completed) and life issues, and somewhere along the way, perfume fell by the wayside in the sense that I for good or for ill didn’t and couldn’t … write about it. I’ll be getting back to that one.

Future Music

A new novel will, Dev willing, find its way into the world of publication in two languages this year, Danish and English. It will be a prequel to Quantum Demonology, with a very different narrator and a very different story.

In publishing, there’s a phenomenon called The Follow-Up Act. In layman’s terms, the Difficult/Impossible Second Novel. Since Quantum Demonology…

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