{November 30, 2015}   Crochet Owl Pattern

{November 30, 2015}   “Let it Snow”

Odyssey Art

#nanojoumo2015, let it snow, winter, snowmanLet it drip in glitter, too!


I’ve been feeling inspired lately by the snow we’ve been having, and since Thanksgiving has come and gone, that means Christmas is on its way and those kind of seasonal images and colors pop into my head.

I had a piece of gorgeous scrapbook paper with blue mandalas on it and thought it would serve as a great background for the image, the mandalas could represent snowflakes in a rough sort of sense.

letitsnow-pr-1I glued the page down using Mod Podge then shored up the edge and added a little interest with a strip of washi tape. I knew I was going to be painting over the paper, so I gave it a coat of Liquitex clear gesso then sanded it down a bit after it was dry (I find the tooth in the Liquitex clear gesso is very rough so sanding helps…

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