{September 17, 2015}   Halloween Crafts: Packing Tape Ghost

Wyrd Cynthia: The Crafty Geek

From inside the house to out, here’s an easy but slightly more time consuming project to make an awesome and unique ghostly figure for your outdoor Halloween decorations.

Packing tape ghost

Materials: 3 rolls of clear packing tape (give or take depending on size)

You’ll need a dress form, mannequin, or other human-ish shape to form your ghost over. I used a dress form and a wig head.

To start, use decent lengths of packing tape, sticky side out, to wrap your form. Do it in pieces and cover the whole torso. It is okay if the tape sticks to itself in places – the wrinkles will be desirable in the final shape. Make the skirt from long vertical strips, folding the ends over to the length you want. It is okay if there are some gaps in the bottom, but you’ll want to keep these gaps when you do the next layer.

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