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I wanted an easy-on the go contour/glow tool, I finally decided to try out the NYX Wonder stick! I am going to have to add this to a summer necessity! It adds the perfect bronze/glow appearance in a few simple steps!


IMG_1127The wonder stick is a dual ended tool with one “contour” shade and “highlight” shade. This is the highlight side of the double ended wonder stick, which is light champagne shade. I have been wanting a liquid highlighter just have not decided on which one to buy, but this does the magic! The glow it leaves on the cheekbones is so natural because of how easy it is to blend.


IMG_1130This is the contour side, with a cool/orange toned shade. I picked the Universal Wonder Stick because t he contour was either to orange or too deep in the other shades. As you can see in the swatch it is…

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{May 16, 2015}   Must make! Painted bowls

The Scented Hound


WHAT I SMELL:  A Goodnight Kiss opens with a rush of aldehydes and a light powder which is like a quick wisp of a makeup brush.  The opening is then quickly met with a lightly burnt floral which reminds me a bit of hairspray and of Lanvin Arpege which makes the perfume feel modernly old-fashioned and very familiar.  A few minutes into the wear, the perfume becomes large and rather juicy, which is strange because there is nothing sweet nor fruity about the composition.  However, the perfume is bursting at the seams with incredible florals which seem to dance around a maypole each making their way to the center.  Most prevalent to me is the violet, but as soon as I say that the ylang, ylang comes into focus.  In all, the florals while large, never veer from being contained and they’re very controlled and pretty in slightly masculine way.  Soon enough a…

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