{September 17, 2014}   Eat, Drink, and Be Witchy Giveaway!

Eat, Drink, and Be Witchy Giveaway!.

{September 16, 2014}   Perfume Botox

My son was looking for a birthday gift for a friend recently and parked me by the perfume samples while he did his thing. I thought maybe my whiffer was off when I tested that one. I am happy and sad to know it wasn’t me.

The Alembicated Genie

kim-novak-ralph-crane-shoot-1958-1 – When perfumes become holographic

In the life and times of a perfume writer of a certain age in an era where perfumes are launched (and sometimes relaunched) at breakneck speed, it makes a certain kind of sense to stay away from heartbreak.

The heartbreak of venturing into the Brave Old World of vintage perfumes, that is. I leave that to my justly celebrated colleague and friend Barbara Herman of Yesterday’s Perfume, author of the likewise celebrated Scent and Subversion, who has jogged my own memory of perfumed glories past we used to wear more times than I can count, bless her.

But memory and perfume are so intimately entwined and so mutually evocative, even hardnosed post-punk cynics diehard optimist romantics such as I can sometimes be caught unaware. Especially concerning those beauties we wore once upon a storied time when we were less cynical, less heartbroken and…

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